Desert Blossom- Original Framed Watercolor – 28″ x 16″

Desert Blossom

This Sedona Landscape painting of Desert Blossom (created in 1994) was my first attempt to paint a desert blossom of a Prickly Pear Cactus using watercolor.  The 2nd wasSedona Cactus.” Even before moving to the Southwest from the crazy world of the Northeast, I began falling in love with iconic images of cacti, Sedona landscapes, and desert images.  As the “pull” became stronger and stronger, I decided to move to Sedona. I now find new inspirations to paint, and I delight in having this right outside my window!

The “pink” color in this Desert Blossom is called “Opera,” a watercolor pigment manufactured by Holbein. I love how they come up with names for color – it’s like how they name lipstick!

Vivid, Mystical Sedona Landscape Paintings

While I love painting with watercolors, my current love uses acrylics, heavy body, and liquid acrylics. Creating vivid, mystical landscape paintings is my current direction.

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Desert Blossom Prickly Pear Cactus
Desert Blossom- Original Framed Watercolor – 28″ x 16″