Tequila Sunrise – Original Acrylic -24×36

This artwork is offered in 2 formats, traditional and panoramic.

While enjoying the lyrics to Tequila Sunrise by the Eagles and listening to “It’s another tequila sunrise stirrin’ slowly across the sky,” I decided to create my sunrise stirrin’ slowing across the sky in my unique virtuosic use of color-flowing style.

Sunrise ~ Sunset

These majestic cacti are silhouetted by the beauty of Arizona’s frequent, magnificent, breathtaking desert sunrise and sunsets. After all, the Saguaro Cactus is the HEART of the Arizona Sonoran desert. That’s why I painted three Hearts into this vivid, mystical landscape. Can you find them?

The giant Saguaro cactus is the universal symbol of the American West.

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Tequila Sunrise – Original Acrylic -24×36