What is an HDR Giclée?

First of all, High-Dynamic-Range imaging is a high dynamic range technique used in imaging and photography to reproduce a more excellent dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques. The art of fine printing has become even more precise with the advent of this HDR revolutionary Giclée (zhee-clay) art printing process. A Giclée canvas print is the closest duplication of an original artwork that is humanly, mechanically, or technically possible.

How our Giclée’s are made.

Our canvas prints are produced using a Stylus Pro 9900 44in printer w/ UltraChrome HDR Ink. UltraChrome HDR (High-dynamic-range) represents the latest generation of pigment ink technology. Now utilizing ten colors – including an all-new Orange and Green. UltraChrome HDR ink produces the widest color gamut ever from an Epson Stylus Pro printer.Our Giclée canvas prints can be framed if you like or is ready to hang as is for a contemporary look. 

As a Sedona Artist, I Make Sure We do it right!

What this means to you is, our 1.5” Gallery Wrapped Giclées have the most accurate and brilliant colors available today that will last a lifetime. We do NOT compromise because of cost or using old technology. We’ve tested canvas prints by leaving them in a window in direct sunlight for well over a year without fade. Now that’s QUALITY!

Our Canvas Giclée’s

Exhibition Canvas Matte has a weighty 395gsm weight, which lends itself well to fine art reproduction. Epson Exhibition Canvas Matte is an acid-free, lignin-free heavyweight cotton-poly blend and elegantly textured canvas. The surface of this canvas features a matte, non-reflective surface with a bright white point, exceptionally high Dmax (is the maximum density/deepest black, it is an essential quality factor), and a wide color gamut for high-quality reproduction prints. We purposely don’t try to compete with the cheap canvas guys out there using thin canvas and old technology.



Black Wood Float-Frame

The artwork floats with a 3/8” border around it.


Sedona’s Sacred Heart & Soul with float-frame


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